Restaurants in Key West

We’re Tropical Soup! We’ve been running restaurants in Key West, Florida since 1998. Many of our restaurants are right on Duval Street in the heart of Old Town and close to attractions like Mallory Square. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, we can’t wait to serve you great food and a great experience.

Our Restaurants & Bars


Waterfront Brewery

Mallory Fish Company

Coming soon!


The Waterfront Brewery

201 William St.



227 Duval St.


Caroline's Cafe Caroline's Cafe

Caroline’s Cafe

310 Duval St.

Caroline’s Other Side

310 Duval St.

The Abbey

429 Caroline St.


jack-flats Fogarty's

Red Fish Blue Fish

77 Tift St.

Jack Flats

509½ Duval St.

Flying Monkeys

227 Duval St.


Our Merch

Waterfront Brewery

Waterfront Brewery Store

201 William St.

The Monkey Store

227 Duval St.